Choosing the Healthiest Greek Yogurt

Let me just preface this post by saying, I LOVE greek yogurt.

Crave it on a daily basis.

5 Reasons to Start Buying Greek Yogurt

1) High levels of protein to keep you feeling full longer without the added calories

2) Generally less processed than regular yogurt while also lower in carbs and sugar

3) Contains probiotics

4) Contains less lactose (for those of you with a lactose sensitivity)

5)  In recipes, greek yogurt can replace high-fat ingredients such as: sour cream, cream cheese, heavy cream, etc.

The first time I tried greek yogurt, I bought Yoplait Greek 2x Protein. Turns out, Yoplait’s greek variety as anything but healthy! I will say, however, if you haven’t ever tried greek yogurt (and aren’t use to a less sugary taste), Yoplait is a good way to transition from that overly processed, “normal” yogurt into real greek yogurt!

Since my introduction to Yoplait Greek, I have tried many different brands of greek style yogurt and have finally found a brand I consider the healthiest: Fage (pronounced fan-yeh). But don’t just take my word for it, let me show you a brand by brand comparison and let you make the decision yourself:

Note: Serving sizes differ based on each brand. I am going to adjust what is found on the nutritional labels so that we are comparing apples to apples, meaning each serving size in these examples are based on 1 cup of yogurt. We will also be comparing only non-fat/plain flavors.

Yoplait Greek Yogurt 

Nutritional Info:

Calories: 160   Fat: 0g    Carbs: 17g   Sugar: 11g   Protein: 20g    Calcium: 53%


* For those who find plain greek yogurt to be too bitter, this brand is a way to work yourself into enjoying greek style yogurt.

* Less expensive than other brands


*Highest in calories among all other compared brands

*High in both carbs and sugar

* Contains additives (including lots of added sugar) and preservatives

Greek Gods 

Nutritional Info: 

Calories: 120   Fat: 0g   Carbs: 20g   Sugar: 14g   Protein: 12g    Calcium: 50%


* Thickest and creamiest texture

* Highest in calcium (Yoplait has 53% but most of it is added in)

* Lower in calories

* Hormone free


* Highest in carbs and sugar

* Lowest in protein (isn’t that what greek yogurt is all about?)

Dannon’s Oikos 

Nutritional Info: 

Calories: 120   Fat: 0g   Carbs: 9g   Sugar: 9g   Protein: 22g    Calcium: 23%


* High in protein

* Lower in calories, carbs and sugar

* Less expensive than other brands


*Lots of additives  ( such as sugar, fructose, modified corn starch,etc)

* More than likely made with milk that contains hormones and antibiotics


Nutritional Info:

Calories: 133   Fat: 0g   Carbs: 9g   Sugar: 9g   Protein: 24g    Calcium: 26%


* Highest in protein

* Lower in carbs and sugar

* Currently ranked the most popular Greek yogurt based on national taste-tests


* Higher in calories

* Lacks the thick, creamy texture found in other brands (my personal opinion)


 Nutritional Info:

Calories: 130 Fat: 0g Carbs: 9g Sugar: 9g Protein: 23g Calcium: 25%


* High in protein

* Low in carbs and sugar

* Few additives

* Made hormone free


* More expensive

* Higher in calories

So why do I choose Fage?

Fage, Dannon’s Oikos and Chobani are all good choices and very similar in nutritional makeup. I, personally, do not like the texture of Chobani, and Oikos has many additives.

What about flavored greek yogurt?

Almost all flavored greek yogurt contain quite a bit of added sugar, are higher in both calories and carbs and usually contain even more additives.  For example, Fage’s Honey 0% Fat yogurt has 43g of sugar per cup! Instead of buying flavored yogurt, find ways to to tailor plain geek yogurt to your own tastes. Trying adding in a few of the following:

* 1 Stevia or Truvia Packet

* Organic Honey or Agave Nectar

* Fresh fruit

* Granola

* Cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, etc

My favorite way to eat greek yogurt is:

*3/4 cup of yogurt

*3/4 cup of berries

*1 Stevia packet

* 2 tablespoons of Bare Naked Fit Vanilla Crunch Granola


* mixed in a smoothie! mmm :)

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11 responses

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  2. Bravo! Great article and I referenced it on my blog. I was writing about the Greek yogurts and what bad press Yoplait was getting on their Greek yogurts. I bought two 6-packs for $5.00. That should have been a dead giveaway. I’m with you on Fage-0! I use it as sour cream in dips and in my extra lean turkey tacos; well, any Mexican food.I stay away from the ones with fruit for the same reason — to much sugar!

  3. Great post– I had the greek yogurt dilemma standing in the grocery store today. There’s so many options, but weighing the pros and cons gets intense!
    Good to know others are facing this but are finding smart solutions

    • No they are not… The author stated at the beginning that he was going to adjust all the yogurts to an equvilent of 1 cup which is 8oz. Most single serve cups are only 5.3 or 6 oz therefore will have less protien (and less everything else).

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